Dear European veteran friends, First of all, I want to thank you for the opportunity that our Leipzig friends offer me to address all of you.

Be welcome to Leipzig EVRA Festival 2020

Next September in Leipzig (Germany) we have an appointment for the VI European Veteran Rugby Festival.
But this time we have much more to celebrate.
As you well know, in September 2019 we have lived an extraordinary Festival thanks to our friends from Belluno (Italy) and we are sure that a great event awaits us in Leipzig.
For this reason, I invite you from your groups to reserve the first week of September to participate in the VI EVRA Festival in Leipzig. I am sure that the experience will be very positive and that you will live a unique experience sharing field with veteran players from all over Europe.
But also in 2020 we celebrate the tenth anniversary of EVRA, which is great news for our sport and the twinning that this has meant for many teams.
I want to finish this little article by thanking the Leipzig organization for the courage to accept the important challenge of organizing the VI European Veteran Rugby Festival in half the time that other venues have had. Only this act deserves all our respect and our support.
I encourage you to return the effort made by the organizing committee, programming in your agenda the participation of your team in Leipzig 2020

Strength, honor and much rugby

Tomás Espinosa Lidon, President
European Veteran Rugby Association

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